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Midlife Crisis: What’s Really Happening?


We've all heard the term "midlife crisis." What exactly is a midlife crisis, though? Our notion of one may be skewed by movies depicting a "stereotypical," over-exaggerated definition. After all, we've all watched scenes where a middle-aged man pulls away from the gym in his Corvette with a younger woman sitting in the passenger seat. [...]

Midlife Crisis: What’s Really Happening?2022-10-25T20:50:40+00:00

How to talk to your kids about Russia’s attack on Ukraine


As Russia’s attack on Ukraine dominates the news and social media feeds, parents are wondering how — or if — they should talk to their children about the invasion. The answer is simple for very young children, up through about age 5, according to parenting experts. Unless young kids directly ask, which is unlikely, there’s [...]

How to talk to your kids about Russia’s attack on Ukraine2022-05-18T20:45:16+00:00