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Join Lisa Bahar on Commitments with Ken + Leslie on November 17th 3:30pm PST as she further explores the 7 Stages of Emotional Affairs from a Christian perspective, and how the spirit of Jezebel is determined to destroy marriages and families with lust, fear and depression through manipulation, control and dominance.

This show will explore how the Jezebel Spirit affects those that are vulnerable to emotional affairs including feeling inadequate and unappreciated (the first stage of Emotional Affairs). The discussion includes how the characteristic of rejection that Jezebel endured as a young woman by her father, and her desire to gain power through seduction and intimidation are the same today as the characteristic of a woman or man finding themselves under the influence of this spirit. Discussion will include how the Jezebel spirit is not just about women, the spirit inhabits men as well, and how the attraction is focused on those that are in authority, including those that are at the head of the household. In addition, listeners will learn how to discern the spirit from the person. Exploration of vulnerabilities include: how boredom can set the stage for temptation to have the Jezebel spirit dominant one’s mind and heart with direct contact with someone or with artificial intelligence including texting, sexting and pornography; all strategies to destroy the person through obsession and fixation with sexual sin. The discussion will further explore the intense feelings of guilt, anxiety and shame that come as a result of this spirit. The show will also explore how the spirit Elijah and Jehu are what is required to remove her from the marriage and family and stop the destruction this spirit intends. Tune in (FM 101.1 ~ AM 850), stream live or call in at 866.551.9933 to join the conversation or ask questions


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