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The war between good and evil has existed from the beginning of time. It has been illustrated in subtle ways within cinematic experiences using an ancient form of hidden communication called cryptography. The encoding of spiritual warfare themes and symbolism into cinematic film storylines has occurred from the early pioneer film era to the present-day new millennium. The use of cryptography by writers and film production executives is by strategically placing secret messages of the occult and embedding them into storylines, scenes, costumes, and plots. The use of cryptography is inspired by mystical practices, including Freemasonry, Rosicrucian, and other Gnostic and Hermetic orders. The significance of the research on this topic is to provide education and awareness of how occult messages and spiritual warfare themes are coded into media, specifically films. The inquiry process uses a social constructivism worldview that creates a conceptual framework for an ontological qualitative research approach. The interpretive research focus is explored by critically analyzing the existing literature on film and television writers, Christian symbolism, and the use of cryptography. The representation of Christian symbolism in films combined with research interpretation and meaning concludes that analyzing films is a religious philosophy that prompts an insightful understanding of the Trinity of Christianity and the spiritual war for the salvation of souls against the triad of evil.

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