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Plan Your Thanksgiving Around Different Cultures


by Meghan Ross Expand your family's horizons by adding multicultural elements to your Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving is often celebrated with turkey, mashed potatoes and football, but that's certainly not the only way to observe the holiday. It's important for children to learn that people all over the world have much to be thankful for. They express [...]

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Is It Lust Or Love?


By Jenn Sinrich You might have had an ex that you once said “I love you” to but, years down the line, you realized that you really felt a different kind of “L” word: lust. Whether you came to this conclusion after a bout of serious soul searching or because you finally found “the one” who you feel [...]

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If You’re An Expert at Making Bad Decisions, This One Is For You


by Christine Schoenwald There’s one behavioral action every one of us does which is to make hundreds of decisions all day long. We make excellent, horrible, and sometimes kind of stupid decisions. All of them have consequences, even if those consequences are negligible. If making good decisions isn’t one of your strong points, it’s never too late to [...]

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9 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Marriage


By EverydayHealth Do you pay more attention to Facebook and your smartphone than to your husband? Have you been avoiding sex? Do you hide big purchases from your partner? These behaviors hurt your marriage. But it’s not too late to change bad habits. Here are the 9 worst relationship mistakes and how to start fixing [...]

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Will I Cheat on My Wife? If You’re Worried, You’re Fine


By Lauren Vinopal Men who worry that they might impulsively cheat on their wives are less likely to do so than men who exhibit full confidence in their restraint. That means that, paradoxically, men who don’t worry should and men who do worry shouldn’t. But of course it’s not that simple. Research shows that men who worry are [...]

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