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Squirrel ninjas, quarantine olympics and more happy distractions


SALT LAKE CITY — Some humans just don’t let themselves wallow in disconcerting times like a global pandemic. Some find joy wherever they go. They seek distractions and embrace humor, then offer both like balm to the rest of us. Goofing off and being distracted help people deal with intense crises that can’t just be [...]

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How to Set Boundaries in Your Relationships


Most of us, at some time or another, have been coaxed or nudged into doing something we don’t want to do. That could mean adding another project to an already jam-packed schedule, agreeing to attend a social function we’d rather skip or taking on more than our fair share of household duties—all for the sake [...]

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Plan Your Thanksgiving Around Different Cultures


by Meghan Ross Expand your family's horizons by adding multicultural elements to your Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving is often celebrated with turkey, mashed potatoes and football, but that's certainly not the only way to observe the holiday. It's important for children to learn that people all over the world have much to be thankful for. They express [...]

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15 Reasons You Actually Want an Open Relationship


For starters, you may find yourself between the sheets more often. By Julia Malacoff The thought of your wife or girlfriend in bed with someone else probably curdles your blood. And if we had to guess, she probably doesn’t exactly love the idea of you and a swimsuit model having a romantic rendezvous, either. But believe it or not, there’s mounting evidence that more [...]

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5 Reasons to Love a Cat


They Bring Health and happiness home as beloved and compatible pets, indoor cats provide emotional, mental and physical benefits. Companionship and loneliness is never a problem with a cat around. “Cats need to be fed, have litter changed and be brushed,” says Lisa Bahar, a therapist and clinical counselor at Lisa Bahar Marriage and Family [...]

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