For starters, you may find yourself between the sheets more often.

By Julia Malacoff

The thought of your wife or girlfriend in bed with someone else probably curdles your blood. And if we had to guess, she probably doesn’t exactly love the idea of you and a swimsuit model having a romantic rendezvous, either. But believe it or not, there’s mounting evidence that more and more couples are engaged in this sort of relationship—well, not necessarily with models. And get this: it’s not cheating. Yes, the open relationship is here and it’s not going anywhere.

The only thing to decide if it’s the thing for you.

The rules, of course, vary from open relationship to open relationship. Some couples share every nitty-gritty detail; others stay entirely mum. (“I was, uh, out with the guys.”) The important part is that it’s a mutually consensual arrangement. And as it turns out, there are a ton of benefits—from more satisfying sex to making new friends—to opening up your relationship. You just have to be careful and make sure you tackle your open relationship the right way.

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